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  The Unleashed Wonders and Mysteries of the Fibonacci Spiral

From a simple sequence of numbers arise a formula that can unlock the mysteries in nature that man arduously tries to understand, bridge that can connect the seen from the unseen and answers that can clear out the huge question mark towering man's conscious and subconscious mind. The Fibonacci numbers and sequence may appear as an ordinary group of numbers that may appear as a matter of little or no concern but the so called ordinary numbers is the root of complex truths and facts in various fields of human learning. The Fibonacci spiral is one of the luscious fruits produced by the amazing Fibonacci sequence and numbers. Before having in-depth discussion of what a Fibonacci spiral is and the interconnected impacts that it can have on our lives and the world we are living in, let’s tackle first Fibonacci numbers and sequence.

Leonardo Pisano is the proponent of the Fibonacci numbers from which Fibonacci spiral is derived. He is a mathematician from Pisa Italy, home of the famous Leaning Tower. He is commonly called as Fibonacci which means Son of Bonacci and was later on well-known in that name. The Fibonacci number and sequence is his answer to the third problem posed on a mathematical book he published entitled Liber Abaci. He has various contributions in the field of mathematics and well-known is his Fibonacci numbers and sequence which pave way to Fibonacci spiral.  Nowadays Fibonacci sequence together with Fibonacci spiral is a helpful tool to solve complex problems not only in the field of mathematics but science, business, economics and trade as well. It was even used by the Greeks to know the ideal proportion of an ideal human body. Even the famous Parthenon is built using the Fibonacci sequence.

The fibonacci spiral

Now let's proceed to the discussion of Fibonacci spiral. The Fibonacci spiral is used in various fields of learning including Mathematics and Science. The formation of a Fibonacci spiral can even be seen in nature on shells, petals of flowers, seed heads, the arrangement of leaves and stems, on fruits and other veggies. Fibonacci spiral commonly occurs in nature together with other patterns that can be known by using the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci spiral is also called Bernouli spiral, enguiangular spiral, Logarithmic spiral and many other names. The Fibonacci spiral pattern is almost the same. Technically it is done by drawing quarter circles in the squares formed by Fibonacci series. Several Fibonacci spiral patterns can be produced but the ratio or measurement of each Fibonacci spiral is similar to the other though it can vary depending on the number of symmetric parts. It is the so-called "self-similarity" which was also discovered on Mandelbrot's Fractal Geometry of Nature.

Fibonacci spiral patterns can also be understood without calculating mathematical solutions and formulas. It can be seen ordinarily on the different life and species that exist in nature. Looking for Fibonacci spiral in nature can also symbolize our quest for the meaning of our lives. Every life form in the world we live in is interconnected and one of the bridges that join one life form to the other is the Fibonacci spiral. We may not know the real mysteries hidden on Fibonacci spiral patterns but at least we are able to see the unseen bonds that connect us to other life forms. A look on the center head of a flower would reveal a Fibonacci spiral which usually comes in one direction. The seeds in the head are so well-arranged in a Fibonacci spiral pattern in a manner that space of each seed does not overlap the space of the others no matter how numerous or how big the seeds may be. It is because of the Fibonacci spiral that systematically arranges the seed heads without optimal packing. The seeds are not crowded on the center and thus each speed has a respected space of its own.

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