Use the Secrets of Fibonacci to Succeed
in Trading the Financial Markets


Fibonacci Trading CDs Have A Lot Of Features
In Common

Technical analysis using Fibonacci principles and Fibonacci numbers have increasingly become popular for many traders nowadays, both for the amateurs and the professionals.  This increase of interest is largely credited to the success stories and testimonials made by many successful traders who credited their success to Fibonacci trading.  And as interest for the method continues to grow, a lot of new Fibonacci trading CDs are also being introduced.

Today, we have a lot of different Fibonacci trading CDs being sold, and the number of Fibonacci trading CDs being introduced each year never seems to stop growing.  This is apart from the improvements being made on the tried and tested Fibonacci trading CDs that has long been used by many professional traders.  And this number also do not include those trading and technical analysis software products that are not necessarily Fibonacci software products but only integrates some Fibonacci tools and indicators in their analysis.

Different Fibonacci trading CDs and software products have different features.  Some manufacturers claim that their Fibonacci trading CD has a lot more features than the others while other manufacturers claim that their Fibonacci trading CDs analyzes better than the others.  Some would also claim that theirs are easier to implement.

While different Fibonacci trading CDs, in fact, have differences, with one having both advantages and disadvantages over another, there are a lot of features that are common to all of these Fibonacci trading CDs.  These common features are the necessary features that every Fibonacci trading CD should have.  Without these features, the Fibonacci trading CD would not be helpful, difficult to use and even totally useless.

Fibonacci Trading CDs

One of the essential features that every Fibonacci trading CD must have is the technical analysis chart.  In fact, charts are not only important for Fibonacci trading CDs but for all technical analysis software products.  The chart is where the stock market trends and figures are plotted in a form of a graph.  There are a lot of different charts used in technical analysis, although not all of them are used in Fibonacci trading.  The more important chart types use in Fibonacci trading CDs are the bar chart, OHLC chart, moving average chart, candle bars and logarithmic price scales.  Most Fibonacci trading CDs update these charts on a real time basis while others use the end of day market figures.

Another feature that every Fibonacci trading CD has are the indicators.  Indicators, in a broad context, refer to anything that predicts future market trends.  For Fibonacci trading CDs, indicators are tools used to predict future stock prices.  These indicators are based on mathematical calculations of security prices and volumes.  They are plotted on the charts based on the various Fibonacci trading techniques.

Fibonacci trading CDs also have a variety of tools used for a variety of purposes.  Among of the most important tools are the drawing tools.  These are the necessary tools in plotting various Fibonacci shapes and indicators in the existing stock market chart that you have.  There are also other Fibonacci trading CD tools that can be used to configure the various indicators, projections and overlays that are already plotted on the charts.

Also popular for most Fibonacci trading CDs today is the use of multiple time frames in analyzing market trends.  Most Fibonacci trading CDs today allows traders to analyze market trends in different time frames using only a single chart.  Professional Fibonacci traders suggest that using multiple time frames for Fibonacci analysis yields better results.

Every Fibonacci trading CD sold in the market today has their own share of advantages and disadvantages.  Many Fibonacci trading CDs have features that can not be found on other technical analysis software products, giving a hint that they are better.  It’s not the features that matter, however, but the way you analyze market trends using these various Fibonacci trading CDs.  Your Fibonacci trading CD may be the best, but it would only work for those who know how to analyze market trends using Fibonacci principles properly.

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